Michael Vartan Admits He Ended THAT Kissing Scene with Drew Early After Wardrobe Malfunction

Michael Vartan sits down with some of the cast of Never Been Kissed to share a story Drew's never heard before, why he had to be excused after their first time acting out their kiss! The actor also shares the gift from Drew he kept.

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Michael Vartan Confesses He Ended Kiss Scene with Drew Early After Wardrobe Malfunction

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  1. Ugh this makes my heart so happy! Never Been Kissed is one of my all time favorite films. It got me through high school (and college) and is truly one of the inspirations for why I went to school for filmmaking ❤️ This reunion is everything 🥰

    1. He probably wasn’t willing to sacrifice someone he loves, for better roles. He’ll get his chance now!! Plenty of openings for NON satan worshipping actors!!

    2. @Kimberly Guiseppe-Cooley he was in that movie Monster in Law with jlo and Jane Fonda his looks have really changed but I still think he’s cute don’t you

    3. I remember when watching Alias back in the early 2000’s he was so popular and Bradley Cooper, who also starred in the show, was not as liked by the fans. Never would of guessed that Bradley would go on to be the A lister and Michael would basically disappear from our screens.

    4. @Rick G That is sad and short-sighted of Hollywood. I felt the gap for twenty years of why can’t Michael Vartan have more/better/lead roles.

    1. @Christie B If I was his ex wife I would have divorced him too, after seeing him shoot his shot with Drew like that! It truly seems like he belongs with Drew!! I really hope they get together!!

    2. @- goodness. If they belong together then it will happen sooner or later . Some people didn’t end up.together because they weren’t meant to be. Jennifer Anniston and Davis Schumacher didn’t end up together because it was not thier destiny’s even though they like each other

  2. I begged my dad to take me to see Never Been Kissed in the theater. He really didn’t want to see it but took me anyway. Of course I loved it. Still do but my dad rewatched far more than I ever have. That’s how good the movie is.

    1. That’s awesome. I wouldn’t even be surprise that he watched it often because he got to spend time with their child and that was something he cherished.

    2. Someone beat me to it but I doubt it’s the movie he likes, rather he likes to watch the movie as it reminds him of the time he took you and how happy it made you and looks back fondly on it.

  3. Drew… It’s because of THIS movie that I went to college. I was forced to get my GED and join the workforce while I was still in my junior year of high school. After a few years of the grind I felt my time had passed to go away to college and have a traditional college campus experience. My view definitely changed when one night after work this movie was on and after it finished I thought to myself “Why can’t I just go no one will even know how old I am it worked for Josie!” lol 😂 I was 23 but looked 18 and said “Screw it I’m going! So I packed my bags and hit the books. It was the best decision I ever made. I am forever grateful for the inspiration this movie gave me! I hope you read this some day ☺️🙏💕

    1. Best story ever! Me too, only I went to BU at 31. I was embraced by all. I don’t think that would happen today; kids have become more ageist, this was 2005-2009. I agree that going to college & later grad school (in my case from a working-class background) changed my life. For the better ofc. Drastically. Also best decision I ever made. First person in my family to go to grad school, second to go to college. Education is life! I loved reading your testimony! 😘

    2. @Jen Nelson I love this! I feel like we should make an FB group or IG of us older graduates. I looked a couple of years ago; there wasn’t anything. I should check again.

  4. I love the pure love and joy in Drew’s eyes when she sees someone she loves. Shes truly America’s sweetheart I adore her.

  5. I don’t think that he’s in love with her, I think that his experience with her really impacted his life, and that he cares deeply for her and that time in his life. ♥️

    1. @Ozark Ldy I am so sorry for your devasting loss of your son.Speaking from experience ,you don’t get over it ,you get through it.May God give you and your family strength and peace and comfort at this hard time.From a fellow Missourian.

    2. Exactly. It was his first leading role starring alongside one of the biggest stars Hollywood on a romantic comedy with a studio-budget and distributor. That would be a very big deal for anybody 🙌🏽❤️

  6. Oh my goodness…Michael, please ask Drew out on a date!!!! He still clearly has feelings for her. And she so deserves her happily every after ❤ Wouldn’t that just be something if these two wonderful people got together?

  7. Vartan’s adorable. It’s so appealing to see a man who’s shy and vulnerable to a woman, yet expresses his love anyway.

  8. I loved this movie !! Seeing Drew’s reaction with her love interest “Sam” was priceless ! So happy all the casts reunited but it was the surprise when Michael appear and the happy smiles they both seem to have for each other was the Best part !!! So happy Drew had everyone together for this Special Reunion !!

  9. The fact that he’s kept a picture of a growing plant with him for 20 years on the off chance he’ll see her is a very powerful message. Men just don’t do that if they don’t have powerful feelings for someone.

  10. Drew radiates kindness in such a genuine way. I can only imagine that her co-stars, male or female, fall madly in love with her 💖

    1. You must have missed when discussing se*ual assault/harassment Drew said she was never assaulted because she was too scrappy and men don’t assault scrappy women then went on to say people shouldn’t be angry about issues surrounding se*ual assault/harassment – in a nutshell, telling women it’s not your fault if you’re not scrappy enough not to be assaulted and gets to be the tone police in how people should respond to se*al assault/harassment.

    1. @Jennie Rose I believe she knows that. It’s just the first thing that came to mind when they mentioned the fern.

  11. I love Drew’s laugh after Michael’s “dead puppies”. I absolutely love never been kissed and will always be a classic!

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