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  1. this man is a british comedy legend he belongs on the tv more that thes so called comedians around today its a shame that he got crucified by the british press wankers as far as im concerned he is the best

  2. I wish they brought back Mr Barrymore was not his fault what happened damn BBC always wants to cut themselfs off from bad news Bring US MICHEAL!

  3. He was one of the funniest people on TV at the time. Shame it all went wrong over a wild party. Who knows what happened. But he was a funny guy to watch on TV. Very funny!

  4. Thumbs up if your just watching this video for the pure entertainment of Michael Barrymore, and not because you are interested in what he was accused of!

  5. You are so right he was the best and I feel he had to go to make way for the X Factor
    in his day he had a bigger audience and can entertain.
    I wish this country would recognise our greats rather than push them to one side.
    I will never forget what a great entertainer Michael was, who on TV nowdays is worth watching.

  6. No prob m8 enjoy MB he was great. iIstill keep finding clips on here that I have not seen before – He was a legend – Shame he went off the rails if you know what I mean

  7. Tis a shame mate, if you watch his performances throughout the 90s you can see the change in him. Remember him as a small child, he was still brilliant. He actually had talent, recently read his wifes book and its an interesting read anyway!

  8. I’ll never forget seeing him live in Blackpool when I was a kid. As he was walking off stage, he turned back, looked at me and gave me a wink. Never forgotten that

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