Michael Barrymore and Eric

An unforgettable clip from the Strike It Rich gameshow with Michael Barrymore and contestant Eric with all his health problems.


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  1. “You’re a nurse? I notice you haven’t bothered!” Barrymore at his best. What a tragedy he is no longer on our screens. He was pure gold in Strike It Rich. The quiz was almost an irrelevance, it was his exchanges with the contestants that really made the show.

  2. OMG This was hilarious, always loved Michael, always will, the media tried to say he was a murderer and he was no such thing they did a real number on him, the smell of homophobia was all over it.

    1. @Glamdolly30 my sentiments exactly at the very least Barrymore is guilty of perverting the course of justice!!!

  3. Jeez I just read the comments, how can anyone think he was being rude or disrespectful to Eric? Are they watching a different clip? Eric is clearly laughing himself silly here, you wouldn’t do that if someone was disrespecting you, some people just need to lighten up.

    1. @joe hardwidge He became famous as a family entertainer – after being implicated in the rape and murder of a young man, there’s no way Barrymore could ever come back.

  4. Barrymore had this special ability. He was able to transform people’s dignity into comedy material, leaving them perceived as fools (who were good sports) or people with an attitude. He tended to go easy on people whose wit matched his own and the normal ones.

  5. Laughter is the best medicine and we were always guaranteed laughter when Michael Barrymore was on our TV screens. Pure magic

  6. The world needs more Eric’s. Bloke had a list of health complaints longer than your arm and yet still smiles and laughs like there’s nothing wrong.

  7. Back when TV was in its golden era. Real, fun, heartfelt… and normal! None of this fame hungry fake reality scripted rubbish that you find nowadays. Miss these kinds of shows. Barrymore was fantastic at what he did on telly, noone could convince me otherwise.

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