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  1. remember watching this on tv when it was shown ….. nearly pixxxd myself the first time and it still makes me laugh 15 yrs later

  2. Barrymore at the top of his game. He might not have been the greatest singer or dancer out there but he could hoof it with the best of them and create moments of magic. With the public tired of reality TV and now preferring Britain’s Got Talent, it sends a clear message to broadcasters. In these times of recession, with people losing their homes and jobs, the public want entertaining again.

  3. Michael Barrymore was an excellent entertainer he was doing Britains got talent long before Simon Cowell came onto the scene, he was so liked in his day
    even Strike It Lucky pulled in millions of viewers.
    Michael also should have won Big Brother it is a shame his talent is no longer on our screens anymore.

  4. Michael Barrymore was so talented it is such a shame that he no longer is on TV
    I feel Television done the dirty on him just like they did Benny Hill
    Michael was a true talent he was in a league of his own
    what would happen if Simon Cowell was in a similar situation to Michael I bet he would still be on TV
    The difference is Michael can entertain.

  5. Great man was Barrymore, such a shame he want “off on one” his talent was great and his timing was impeccable. A sad loss of a great entertainer, but thanks Michael for all you great shows. I will continue to watch them and enjoy.

  6. This man never failed to entertain, he should still be on our screens today. My grandchildren all have seen his utube scetches and found him VERY funny they are under twenty five! Bring him back

  7. What an absolute legend Michael Barrymore is, I watched the Christmas special of Strike it Lucky tonight and Frank Bruno was on.

  8. Barrymore is truly great at what he does. Very funny man natural entertainer. A victim of the scummy media newspapers in this country

  9. I brought Bruno Back from the mental home….When I wrote an article condemning the British Government about Bruno’s unjust incarceration…and now last night, October 28: at 12: 45 PM, i googled Barrymore….So now the Televisions have deicided to also bring Barrymore back on Telelvision…Great is the glory of the Lord.

  10. Barrymore was a superb entertainer. Saw him live years ago & he was brilliant. Shame he had his demons.

  11. A really funny man.. 🤣 love him ❤ best entertainer back in the day would sit with my parents and watch him on Saturday night bring them days back

  12. Get Michael Barrymore back on tv now in 2022 ant and dec should get him on one of there shows and back so we can all have great tv again

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