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    1. “About that flamethrower for the baby, does it come in pink?”

      That’s one of the things you learn from being the Doctor, how to ask the burning questions.

  1. What happened to classic Tv strike it rich shows on youtube Always get rid of the best.videos minus the

  2. i have seen a few, uploaders stating, their upload episodes are the best,
    I disagree. This episode had me in stitches, well funny, with Lee on camera….lol

    1. Once the Coronavirus Pandemic is over I really hope it does make a comeback to our screens, Michael Barrymore deserves it

  3. I have yet to see any video that explains why it went from Strike it Lucky to Strike it Rich, ‘cos the set changed and sadly so did the music. But Barrymore really loved the people who were on the show and that was the best bits.

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