Shaun Sloan Live on Michael Barrymore show 1991

Shaun Sloan age 4 singing Bobby Vee's claasic More than I can say Dec 1991

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  1. Dude you’ve clearly got this on DVD as shown at the start. Rip the DVD to a video file so you can upload a version that’s not some shitty camera-pointed-shakily-at-the-TV. If you can’t rip it (DVD Vidcoder is a free download) then you’ll know someone who can. You’re better than pointing a wobbly camera at a TV screen. And the aspect ratio is wrong it was recorded and broadcast in 4:3.

    1. Gold star for you big man. I’ll paste some links to more YouTube videos filmed in this way so that you can spread your wisdom! We just can’t let it go to waste. Hopefully one day we can live in a world without videos filming videos on screens. And with the wrong aspect ratio.

    1. bless you – you were brilliant ! i remember sat watching with tears in my eyes, beautiful little voice……………Awwwww

  2. Wow, I always remembered this from when I was young g and tried to find it years ago but couldn’t.
    Glad it’s now on here, made me laugh so much.
    Well done “come on, get on with it” lol

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