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  1. Fantastic performance of their version of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Don’t Stop’ Plus Barrymore is a brilliant and funny presenter! What a show.

  2. They were promoting their covers album “Dont Stop” thats why they played the song and not one of their own.

  3. Yh Barrymore needs to get back to doing t ive shows again……Barrymore’s people etc…..unfortunate what happned all those years ago but it’s gone now!!

  4. hi do you by any chance have the recording of the little girl at the beginning of this show – her name was Emma Roberts, aged 4 and a bit 🙂 she is my daughter and we are trying to find a copy following a family tragedy where we lost our copies. can you help?

  5. have you looked at ITN source or contacted ITN source directly.. they have archives of content and will happily look for it. You would have to pay a little bit for it though. Simply google ITN Source and find the search feature, if you can’t find it contact them 🙂 hope this helps

  6. Quo have provided us with years of hits. I, myself have no problem with the direction they took, simply because of their achievements over the years and the number of great artists that have been influenced by them.
    Credibility is not something Quo have to worry about. They have proved themselves time and time again. They are part of English heritage and should be all.
    Chas ‘n’ Dave also deserve respect. Musicians with great ability and all done with humour. Gercha!..

  7. I think they should’ve put a documentary about rick parfitt on tv last night. it was the first anniversary of his death.

    1. Tina Jane Oxnam it depends if Rick’s 4 children want a documentary about Rick but I do agree though x

  8. There’s been 3 deaths since this vid was made…. Rick parfitt, Alan Lancaster, and Michael Barrymore’s career

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