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  1. Their mum has passed now, so I’m sure they relish this clip. She has a really good voice too. Nice

  2. Great Video such a shame that Michael Barrymore is no longer on TV.
    So much better than most of the present day comedians e/g Ross/Norman .
    Too much interested in themselves plus guests flogging Books or New Films.

  3. any got the full version of this? im sure jake is still as honest . and family look after eachother xxx love linda and maureen xx

  4. Michael should still be on TV. Great talent. Natural performer. Nolan’s were great as usual. Sad loss with Bernie. Hope Linda and Anne get well soon. Terrible what this family has gone through. 💖

  5. He was one of the highest paid at one time, and most wanted, strange how things change, the Nolan’s are still good

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