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  1. Brilliant ! Many thanks for posting this. I remember seeing it on the TV all those years ago and was in stiches for a 2nd time when I saw your posting !

  2. Would be great to see this done again on a much bigger scale, I was looking at a Video of the Chinese and Russians marching to the Pet Shop boys my god can they keep things in sync and with a vast number of people it looks mighty impressive

  3. Cheers! I had a look at the past RV’s and 1993 seems to be the only year when Michael Barrymore was listed. Most of that performance is already on utube but there is no footage of the Strallens or The Young Set.

  4. I remember watching this with all the family when weekend telly was enjoyed by THE WHOLE FAMILY, Say what you want about his private life, But when Barrymore did it well, HE DID IT BRILLIANTLY, great 2 minutes and 39 seconds of stagecraft.

  5. Absolutely brilliant! Not only full of skill and precision, but warmth and humour too. A real showstopper. 

  6. I remember this so well. Brilliantly executed and perfect timing from all concerned. It is actually a rare thing , funny but beautiful at the same time.

  7. In USA, we never got to see the brilliant Michael Barrymore. The shows on YouTube available are a great tribute to his talent. Nobody’s perfect…his ability came close!

    1. He is pretty amazing and it was sad what happened. I heard he was cleared of all charges years later but it damaged his career and basically it was like uh we’re sorry…

  8. Never has a man been so bold as to involve the army who he has great respect for. This made us laugh at the time and is still doing so for my grandchildren bring him back!

  9. Brilliant 👏 remember this as a teenager watching with dad who himself was in the army couldn’t stop laughing and dad watching this with pride love ❤ and laughs

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