BOB DOWNE – Barrymore (1995)

BOB DOWNE (the comic creation of Mark Trevorrow) made his UK television breakthrough with this appearance on Michael Barrymore's top-rating variety comedy show in April 1995. (This was five years before the talented and mercurial Barrymore's career imploded, with the tragic and mysterious death of a man in the pool of his outer London home in 2001.)
Bob would go on to make many appearances in the legendary London Weekend Studio 1 at Southbank – including his own New Year's Eve show, THE BOB DOWNE SPECIAL, in late 1996.

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  1. I never did like Michael Barrymore , so that is why I have not seen this clip before. Bob shines as usual !

  2. Fantastic, a genius performance from both entertainers. I’d concur on Barrymore, a shame there isn’t more of his old stuff posted on Youtube as let’s face it we’ll probably never see him again on Saturday Night TV. We’re lumbered with Cowell and co for ever.

  3. Oh, man! That was brilliant! Sooooo funny, Mark, and what a voice, and Barrymore was amazing as well! I’ve seen Michael only once before in an hilarious clip with Hinge and Bracket as his guests. All three had me falling out of my chair, and in this clip, I was equally floored. Lol! Bravo, Mark, bravo, Michael! We need you both on this side of the pond! 500 stars!!! 🙂

  4. wow bob, you were great on this show. you used to make me smile as a child watching you on telly and now you make me smile again. Thank you

  5. Bob, we have a Saturday night code red emergency in the UK, PLEEEEEEASE save it with your wonderfulness!

  6. Mark you need to come back …you are one of the best comedians ever ……( just going off to watch more of you !! ) wonderful x

  7. Love Bob Down. Seen him live abd he’s hilarious. Why he’s on this show goodness knows. Watch and learn Barrymore

  8. I never thought I’d say this, but who’s watching this in 2019, he was very funny, not Barrymore ! 😀

  9. I’ve been binging all his stuff recently after being reminded of him by a friend last weekend, I adored him as a kid, my Mum used to call him ‘my mate’ whenever he was on TV!
    & Now I’m 32 and I still think he’s such an adorable, funny little thing. Bob I mean, not Michael (although I do like Michael)
    Really though, how much would you just love to have a friend like Bob Downe?

  10. That is just total showbiz…loved it, reminds me of all the hammy stars of the 70’s, but much more entertaining 🙂

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