Exclusive video:: Susan Boyle’s first TV talent show audition – for Michael Barrymore

Apr 26 2009

A YOUNG Susan Boyle missed out on TV fame 14 years ago after Michael Barrymore failed to spot her star quality.

The Daily Record unearthed exclusive video footage of Susan auditioning for Barrymores My Kind of People talent show in 1995

Her rendition of I Dont Know How To Love Him was caught on camcorder by 18-year-old Julie Febers, whose mum Elizabeth MacLean was also auditioning.

Susan, then 33, is dressed in a cerise pink jacket, navy skirt, and smart black shoes with her long dark curly hair pinned back.

But as Susan begins to sing, Barrymore starts acting the fool and lolls about on the floor trying to get a glimpse up her skirt.

Unfazed, Susan gamely continues and cheekily tries to kick the comic with her black patent stilettos.

But she fails to win over Barrymore at a packed Olympia Shopping Centre in East Kilbride. And as she finishes, he plants a huge smacker on Susan's lips – perhaps her first-ever kiss?

Standing just a few paces behind Susan in the audition queue was mum-of-two Elizabeth, 52, of Pollokshaws, Glasgow, who did get through with ballad The Power of Love.

Elizabeth said: "Susan was a few people in front of me.

"When she began to sing I knew she had a great voice, but Barrymore was intent on taking the mickey out of her."

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  1. I would have kicked him in the face; how can someone be so disgusting and insulting when another person it pouring their heart and passion out through song?

  2. jajaja.. quisiera saber si ese señor vive todavia y que opinion le merece la payasada que se mandó.. no apreció a este talento de mujer..

  3. Qué humillación! ese tipo debe estar encerrado en su casa, y si está muerto debería estar en la sexta paila del infierno. Susan mostró que tiene con qué

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