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  1. Sorry did I not mention that he’s not funny…………………….oh and he’s a murderer. Kind of makes it a bad combo really.

  2. Barrymore should really admit what happened to Stuart Lublock…a life was lost in a horrible pervert way and Barrymore has hidden the truth! IMHO

  3. I love the classic comedy awards because they would do anything and because it was live nothing could be prevented but now it’s either pre-recorded or people are too damn scared to be spontanious.

    I thought a comedy awards show was supposed to be funny but alas not any more.

  4. I hate reality tv shows, they have also taken over America, I just discovered Michael Barrymore, and I am wow, in like with him so much, what talent, and loved the one where he interviews kids! I am so going to google him! LOL

  5. Best Entertainer …. You must be Kidding !
    You look at his unfunny shtick and you’ll realize hes obsessed with TRYING to be the center of every Minute of Every show.
    He steals from other Acts ( basically he spends all the time doing the john cleese walk ) and 90 % of his show is making those ” This person is weird ” type looks to the audience , at some pensioner or child’s expense…when infact he’s the one being weird.
    An Unfunny Hypocrite and one trick pony and its a stolen trick.

  6. I’ve honestly forgotten why his career went down the pan, there was something about the death of a friend or lover, he went on a coke binge and the tabloids hounded him for not coming out the closet. Someone seriously needs to take a risk and have him host a gameshow or something. Channel 4 seem like a place that might do it, the BBC won’t touch him and given their own scandals of late, I don’t blame them. ITV won’t go there either and Channel 5 is a backwater channel for z lister reality shows.

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