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  1. Is there any chance you could put the full episode of this onto a DVD? I would be willing to pay good money to see it. Please get in touch.

  2. Anyone have the clip where he sings a version of “Backstreet’s Back”? It was absolutely fantastic.

    1. I  couldn’t  find  that  clip  but  you  might  enjoy  The   Unpredictable  Michael  Barrymore Live . just  type  it  in  the search box there are  4 separate   videos  I  only  watched  part 1  and  I remember seeing  your  comment  so before  I  forget  I  thought I better  say  something.He sings  etc  in   it.

  3. So nice to see my late Dad laughing so hard in the audience. Appearing on this show was the best day of my life. Thank you so much for uploading this Rich.
    Warmest regards,

  4. Remember seeing this in January 2001 when Barrymore was still at the height of his fame & seldom off TV. Two months later his world came crashing down big time.

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