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  1. I love this interpretation as well as other interpretations of this song! Different vocal styles, different emotions, but for me, they all send shivers down my spine because they’re all beautiful in their own unique way! To all the people who played Jesus in the past 40 years, thank u so much!!!!

  2. Wonderful!!! What an enormous joy to see an interview from back in the day, with a lovely young impressive Steve, and mummy sitting in the audience….Man, the pride that lady must’ve felt. Love you and your deeply moving Gethsemane so, Steve

  3. 1997 Steve Balsamo is the epitome of everything I could ever want in a man. Musical, passionate, a man of God (I’m assuming here), long hair, loves his mother and extremely talented.

  4. I’ve been watching every YouTube video of him singing this song, and it’s astounding that no matter how many times he performs it, he cries every time.

    1. Well, Cap’nQuirky, i think I’m on the very same trail now. Have absolutely had me breath taken by the piece since our buddy Cathal Moloney sang it in our Cabaret Musical last month… and now I’ve begun studying it… (just as an exercise!!)… Ive also watched couple other artists, but… for me, only Steve Balsamo has it . The special connection with it, hits the spot on many many levels. Fair dues to ANYBODY that would attempt the song, but Steve just breathes life into it….. 🎶💗💗💗🌹💗💗💗🎶

    2. We watched him sing it live dozens of times at The Lyceum in London…same result…every time.

  5. Best ‘Superstar’ voice I’ve ever heard. He has that deep Welsh chest voice but also a terrific  range (without squealing), just smooth, clear and altogether engaging. I’d love to hear him in Les Miserable or any other musical theatre. He must be in his 40’s now, hope he tours Canada some day. Impeccable.

  6. El mejor cantante q he escuchado hasta ahora!!! Que hermosa voz! e interpretación!
    de nuestro amado Jesuscristo!

  7. I’ve heard many different people attempt this song, and out of those who use the falsetto technique (unlike, for example, Ted Neely who does more of a screaming technique) I’ve found that Balsamo really has the strongest falsetto. He holds the note out for a long time, has control over his pitch, has even vibrato… Other people seem to struggle hitting the notes, but with Balsamo it seems effortless.

  8. I have watched him sing this over and over in different venues and his tears always come. He feels those words so deeply. I was lucky enough to see him in Jesus Christ Super Star in London in 1997. Tears came to my eyes during that song and as I looked around, I saw men wiping their eyes too. How could you not. He has such a sweet, gentle nature as I imagined Jesus did.i can see why Andrew Lloyd Webber picked him among all the others.

    1. I saw him in 1996 in college. Course tutors took the class to watch it. I will never forget it I was an emotional wreck during this song

  9. Unbelievable performance…!!! The best for this role…and he cryyyy!!! A great tenor…!!! He feel it so much that he can t not stop crying…lucky mam she have a great voice in her house…and a beautiful son…

  10. Astonishingly good, Steve Balsamo is just a vocal phenomenal. He is such a great performer!!!

  11. I was lucky to see him the musical live while I was at college. I was in tears during Gethsemane. Being a huge fan of deep purple at the time says something too

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