Stuart Lubbock Michael Barrymore Part 1: Matthew Steeples

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  1. I remember when Barrymore was outed in the press in 1995. Cheryl, his wife and manager, was still alive at the time. He was pictured at high profile gay venues, such as The White Swan and Heaven, in London. It was a huge deal at the time, attitudes to homosexuality were quite different back then. The Stuart Lubbock case is just horrific. Barrymore did indeed just run away……

    1. Understandable why he ran off if he was off his face and he had supplied them all with drugs at his house, which is not unusual in London. His stated rummaging through drawers before he left was probably to gather up all the drugs in the house and one reason for leaving would be to get the drugs off the premises and dispose of them, before the police came. There are big penalties for supply of drugs to house guests, akin to drug dealing and far more severe than possession for personal use. So I think we have the drugs laws to blame for his apparent vagueness about what was going on there. That said I doubt he knows how/why the guy ended up in the pool and was probably off his face in some other part of the house when it happened. They were all there partaking in drugs voluntarily. That’s obviously why they all went back to the house from the nightclub. It’s always the reason. ‘Come back to my place I’ve got lots of stuff we can take’. If we didn’t have such draconian drugs laws and penalties for people choosing to take substances other than alcohol or nicotine, everyone would probably be far less cagey about what happened there and as far as they could remember what happened, we would know.

    2. @Mark Palmer stop defending him if a drunk driver ran someone over you wouldn’t try to sugar coat it if he drove away ,blaming drink driving laws etc so why should big bummymore

    3. @Simon wilson Suggest if you had supplied everyone with drugs at your house and someone had died there from taking them, you might run off and dispose of them before the police came and then be vague about what was going on there afterwards. The homophobic comment you made about his name is inappropriate.

    1. All at that party know what happened including barrymore. They all need sitting down until the truth is revealed.

      What a horrible seedy world show business is. Full of drugs, corruption and perversion. A young guy got bummed to death and it was covered up. Absolutely disgusting.

  2. I met ‘Barrymore’ when he fled to New Zealand, a vile & vain creature who thought he was the centre of the universe…

    1. @Mark Palmer I’m sure he was a nice guy and he’d be great to party with, but even if you think he wasn’t involved in the rape, then explain how he didn’t hear Stuart screaming? The damage sustained to Stuarts body was horrific, not consenting sex. If not involved he should do time for the cover up.

    2. Mark Palmer Stuart didn’t die by accident due to drugs. He was murdered. He was violently sexually assaulted! Why are you defending Barrymore, he’s lied throughout. I’ve watched him in interviews give different accounts of what happened that evening.

    3. @Dan 7787 Do you have your suspicions mate that MB did it personally? I had entertained the notion of the ex partner

  3. Only the guilty, or someone who knew the truth, would abscond like Barrymore. Actions speak louder …

  4. Another troubling thing about Barrymore is the establishment still wanted to put him out there and act as though he was a victim himself

    1. @stuck record I remember Pete Burns, he was a singer in the 80’s. He passed away a few years back. He’ was part of the same elite circle. In showbiz/music industry, everyone knows each other. It’s a very small little world. Johnny Rotten openly talked about Jimmy on a BBC broadcast that was never aired.

  5. I’m sure if someone on this case were to be offered immunity from jail in return for telling the truth, there would be a conviction.

  6. Back in the day I was in a gay bar with a friend. Barrymore walked in there, and everyone knew he was gay, but until then he hadn’t come out to his wife. And NOBODY contacted the press. The gay community back then kept its secrets.

    1. markyinbelfast xx yeah it’s weird. Mark palmer is defending Barrymore but worse he suggests Stuart took too many drugs and died of a heart attack..smh. Nasty bit of work he is. Defaming a murdered man who can’t defend himself.

    2. The idea of a “gay community” is nonsense. Gay people are not confined to a group with independent agency: It is not a sect in isolation from society. Those people in the gay bar that Barrymore walked into that you mention didn’t conspire to keep a vow of silence; likewise those in the many other gay bars that he probably frequented at the time. This would have required a sophisticated collaboration between people to keep the “secret”. Also, gay bars were not patronised exclusively by gay people, even “back in the day” so, by your logic, the straight people who were at the bar that Barrymore walked into must have been in on it too: But why would they have been? I’m not defending Barrymore of any wrongdoing that he might have done, but let’s keep things in perspective when it comes to making sweeping statements about a population of gay people apparently collectively keeping a vow of silence about someone who said he was straight but went to a gay bar(s).

    3. No it was a close knit community, and there werent any drugs that knocked you out in those days. Besides which the police did not care about gay peoples safety – see Dennis Nilson.

  7. I Remember watching a programme about the lubocks and the father being a t everyshow of Barrymore. The poor man needs closure. All involved at that party need to tell the truth:(

  8. Thank goodness…Stuart’s father will hopefully see justice done ….he’s fought so hard over the years to bring about justice for his beloved son Stuart heart goes out to Terry and his family and hopefully they can now find some inner peace….Barrymore has only ever thought of himself and trying but failing to kickstart his career….he’s got what he deserves…he and all the other party goers have in my opinion…had a code of silence on the whole sordid affair

  9. I feel Mr Barrymore knows something.justice for this young man ! And his family.🙏🙄❤️

  10. Barrymore even when he was popular made the hairs on my neck heckle. His jokes where always at someone else’s expense. When he came out to NZ to get away from the speculation and interrogation over this issue he wasn’t accepted- he and his humour are not our type really. I’m so please to hear this is finally getting sorted out. Why should the rich or famous get away with this kind of thing over and over again.

  11. Barrymore one dodgy bloke. Naturally protected by the cops. ‘No evidence’ ? Um, isn’t the poor dead guy rogered to death in his pool evidence?

  12. Who would run away from their own house if there was a murder. One who knows what really happened or one who was involved in the murder. Barrymore couldn’t face the truth.
    Sick bunch of perverts. They are all covering each others backs. 😠👎 RIP Stuart 💖

    1. I liked one comment on another video which said “Barrymore’s met Terry a couple of times? If there was a murder in my house the victim’s family and mine would be as one until we got justice.”

  13. Shaun I’d love to see the Behaviour panel look at that Piers Morgan interview. He was extremely arrogant like a sociopathic narcissist Showed no remorse whatsoever only anger at his perceived treatment – a narc defence to protect himself as he thinks were so stupid we’ll believe him.

    And morgan didn’t even bother to aggressively challenge him like he does others. It was a shocking interview.

  14. They drugged him, his drinks were spiked, Barrymore’s ex wife tells all
    in her book, about Barrymore spiking drinks and food of guests on
    numerous occasions. She stated that she was scared at how far he would
    go, her words!.

  15. Well done Matthew Steeples it is fantastic that you have taken up the cause. I’m very sad for Terry Lubbock and hope he gets justice for Stuart’s death

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