1999 “Michael Barrymore’s Strike it Rich” FINAL episode

UTV (ITV) 23rd August 1999*
If my research is correct then this is the final episode – complete with advert break.
The contestants are: Lisa & Mark, Teresa & Barbara, and Jane & Bryan.
Adverts include: Bounty, Renault Megane, Dunnes Stores, Powers Whiskey, Tena Lady, Belfast Telegraph, and Renault Megane.


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    1. It was nearly recorded “as live” indeed, however the chat at the start with the contestants usually lasted a lot longer than what was seen on TV, usually around 15 minutes altogether, followed by the game. An average episode would take no longer than an hour to film, and so they could film four episodes in one day if they wished.

  1. Strike it Rich came to an end in 1999 as the format was becoming a bit dull. The ratings for the last series in 1999 averaged just 6 million per show, compared to 16 million back when it was named Strike it Lucky.

    1. I thought the format itself was brilliant and timeless. Michael Barrymore absolutely made it. I think the mistake was changing the name and presentation to Strike it Rich, which gave it a cheap American gameshow feel and left many fans of Strike of Lucky thinking this was a different show.

  2. Watching these is a nice breath of fresh air but a lot of this wouldn’t be allowed these day for good reason, I wonder what was too much that he said about religion that had to be cut though with the 3rd couple.

  3. Imagine him still on TV today it would of been him hosting I’m a celebrity instead of Ant n Dec as they would of got no where near him

  4. Ahh yes… 1999. Back then the internet was still pretty much in it’s early days, no social media to worry about (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and ITV (and the BBC as well) were actually producing very good happy TV. Love that wee lad Mark, impressing us all with that dance routine, and Barrymore giving him a hug after the game was over!

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