Kids Say the Funniest Things – Series 1 Episode 3 – Sunday 14th November 1999 (Incomplete)

An incomplete edition of Kids Say the Funniest Things with Michael Barrymore from the 1st series, enjoy!

On tonights show, with Christmas coming up, pay attention if you want some expert advice on icing cakes. Have you ever thought of appearing in a commercial, in this week's show we see the kids who appear in commercials and how unpredictable they can be.

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  1. Wow I cant believe I came across this! I’m a Kiwi, what an absolute little legend at the end knowing about the Maori War Dance!

    1. He looked awesome and even carried on whilst people were laughing. I’m from the UK and back then I don’t think there were many people that had seen or even knew what a Māori war dance was before this.

  2. Little Laura, who had no idea where money comes from is now paying her own bills! Man, what a shame we let that innocence get away! 😂😂 how cute and how time flies

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