Man arrested over 2001 body-in-pool death of Stuart Lubbock at Michael Barrymore’s home

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Detectives investigating the indecent assault and murder of Stuart Lubbock at the home of entertainer Michael Barrymore in 2001 have arrested a man on suspicion of indecent assault and murder.

Essex Police said the man, 50, who has not been named, was arrested in Cheshire. They will now question every person who attended the party – including Mr Barrymore.

Butcher Mr Lubbock, 31, had been attending a party at Barrymore’s luxury home in Roydon with eight other people on March 31, 2001, when he died.

Detective Superintendent Lucy Morris told reporters that the suspect continues to be questioned by detectives.

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    1. You are so right!
      Barrymore and the others involved should be locked up and the key thrown away.
      How sad for Stuart’s loving father and the struggle he has had over 20 years to get justice for his son. Bless him. He is very unwell now and I wish him all the very best of good wishes. He will be content now I’m sure, that justice will be served and all due to his love and his efforts of not giving up.

    2. @Alex D not sure, what you understood, and what not from my comment, but from 30 y.o. to now 50 y.o he lived & enjoyed his best days.

  1. Finally! 20 years later. I always thought it was a disgrace that Stuart Lubbock was abused and murdered and nothing seemed to be done about it! You haven’t been forgotten young man. The police will get justice for you. R. I. P. 💐

    1. @72isb There is a Bill going through Parliament right now that is going to increase sentences….and it’s well over due.

  2. stuarts father has campaigned for justice for years and now he has cancer.20 years for something that should have been solved a long time ago

    1. @Victorian Ghost You talk like a fool. Being a fool is not something you have no control over; it’s a choice, and you’ve made a bad one. That’s all I have to say to you. Goodnight my alt-account friend.

    2. @Victorian Ghost take no notice of him,hes a troll with nothing positive to say,you are right and he is wrong.

  3. The truth always finds the light ,, Stuart will now get his justice , thoughts prayers for Stuart s friends family ,

    1. No the truth doesn’t always find the light. Do you know how many innocent people are behind bars for crimes they didn’t commit

    2. @Don Charles and the guilty people responsible for the death of Maddie M still allowed to walk free in the UK due to police corruption

  4. Just ask Barrymore he knows what happened , Barrymore isn’t the “ Big Star “ anymore , get him in the Dock to answer questions , should have been done years ago. R I P Stuart.

    1. @Alex MacKenzie Did you miss the Guildford 4 and Birmingham 6 and the Maguires etc etc etc… the list of fit ups is endless.

  5. Disgusting how long this has taken and still the full story is not known. Incompetence on the police’s part and duplicitous behaviour from Barrymore and the rest of the gang, lets just hope ALL involved are finally held to account even if they do happen to be a famous tv star.

    1. There is no rule of law in this country – connections gets you ‘justice’. It is a Just-US system

  6. I remember someone getting payed plenty from a news paper for there story a few years ago think it was one of the single guys that was there blonde haired one I think looked right shady

  7. They withheld information, they probably know exactly how and who, they all should be arrested and charged.

  8. The sentence for guilty offenders who do not come forward should increase proportionately with the time it takes to catch them, from the crime having taken place. The grief to family & friends, others involved, the cost to tax-payer, police wasted time after 20 years is a joke. Whoever is guilty should have their sentence doubled.

  9. Weird case. A few people at the party know what happened that night also 3 of them fled the scene. Poor chap seems like he was lured there forced drugs, abused and murdered. Shame on anyone who knows anything that happened that night.

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