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  1. He was brilliant such a shame his personal life ruined his career even tho he has never been found guilty of having anything to do with the death There will never be another entertainer as good as Michael. Ant and Dec have taken his place now and I love them but it must be easier as there is two of them. Would have been interesting to see Michael up against Ant and Dec for best presenter award. They was up against each other in 2001 but that was after the man had been found dead at Michaels home so that probably helped Ant and Dec win.

  2. Michael should make his comeback!……a true entertainer, fab with all ages….sooooo funny!

    1. Backstreet boys were good in them day i actually like backstreet boys brilliant singer michael barrymore is and if does another show should sing songs like surfin usa and downtown and that we know he sang songs i didn’t know in barrymore. Apart from george fornby.

  3. It’s high time this guy and his agent got their fingers out and put talent back on our screens, instead of crap like the X factor!

    1. hahahaha, you just watched piers morgan havent you ???? hahahaha, its the only reason iv watched this, to see him off his napper on the beak…..

    2. @L hahahahaha! knew it hahaha! im just watching some other stuff gunna try that bbcnolan michael barrymore in his own words next…. i had a private conversation with him a couple of years ago in the early hours of the morning on twitter nice enough fellow but self pitying a lot kind of had me feeling sorry for him and stroking his ego to cheer him up it was weird.

  4. Michael was and should be television gold if he still has that in him. Would love to see him back on tv.

  5. Like he said he drawned with pills in him not such a good idea cause pills can make side effects and if in pool that a deadly combination and can cause death that way if in 6 minutes. In fact he just alive. A bit of hero to me for that reason cause he kind of helped to keep him alive.

  6. Barry was one of a kind loved by so many.
    But its over been over for a long time.
    Cant come back after what happened.
    Such a shame.

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