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  1. it’s hard to know wheather it was some sort of medication or alcohol that has him acting this way or if it’s a way of showing people that aside from what the papers an tv etc have said he can still be funny, he just went a bit o.t.t

  2. @Triplesod Well, not frightfully, no. I’m not going to get many laughs if I scare people into it.

    No, tumours on your elbow… comedy, elbow, funny bone, funny….

    OK. Not witty either but, erm, well, it’s definitely writing!

  3. such a shame, he was and still is a great man and deserves to be back on the telly. time is ticking though as he isnt getting any younger. CMON BAZZA. Sat nights needs you because im sick of the fking xfactor

  4. Wonder what made him turn gay, was it a Beano comic book, or was it a Where’s Wally book, not sure it could be he felt loved by boys at ITV and thought come on baby I am Michael and I am Gay, and let’s inform the audience. What’s next, a Hotspot….

  5. He used to take some of the My Kind of People bods with him on his Summer seasons and it was always the shite bit of his show. that said, what i couldn’t stand about his My Kind of People segments is that he could NEVER let anyone do anything on their own. He always had to take over even if the poor stooge was good. It was like “Never forget it’s my show and I’m the star” and THAT is massive insecurity.

  6. We want Barrymore back onto our screens. Hes the one to cheer up all the viewers noone else can do this and never could since Michaels been awayx

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