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    1. Lee Morris I do on DVD. I don’t have the tech to upload the show onto my hard drive at the most, but yes I can certainly sort something out with someone else if I ask around 🙂

    2. Hi, would I be able to purchase a copy of it? I’m very interested in seeing the whole episode, especially Barrymore singing at the beginning!

    1. He did not sing, he just presented the quiz. We sang as contestants and the guest performer on that show was Russell Watson x

    2. @Alize Adelle ahh right I be seen clips of him performing backstreets back and see you when you get there and assumed he did that for every show

    1. We only saw him during filming. He wasn’t at rehearsals or the wrap party. When there were breaks between filming, he was entertaining the audience. I found him a little intimidating tbh. He was nice to me but cave one of the other teams a really hard time which was hard to watch x

    2. @Alize Adelle oh right. Saying that he was on drugs and alcohol wasn’t he. Makes people aggressive. Shame.

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