My Kind of People

From 1995, "My Kind of People" was a show where Michael Barrymore would turn up in shopping centres and invite allcomers to perform on stage. It was a fanastic series while it lasted and I can't understand why it couldn't carry on with another presenter. The one pity is that some of the really awful acts were given far more time than some of the excellent ones. Here's four really good ones featuring youngsters from one edition.

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  1. Oh, you mean a different show? I’m so sorry, that’s unlikely. This is just one that I found on an old tape, I doubt very much if I have any others. Really sorry.

  2. You’re joking??!!!!! That would be an AMAZING clip to find. The tabloids obvioulsy don’t know or they’d have got hold of it by now. Just wondering how you know about this, do you know her or something?

  3. @wigan0001

    Ooh! Where did you get it from? I had most of the series on video that I recorded myself, watched it several times over years….then my stepdad accidentally recorded over it all 🙁 I’d love to get it again.

  4. @ziggydamaestro

    I remember the guy who sang unchained melody … did he have blonde hair and tartan trousers? He was really good.

  5. I was on this in 97, would live to see it! But you actually had to have an audition in front of the producers at an earlier date

  6. Hi, please could you tell me where i might be able to get a copy of this series on DVD? I’d love a copy, I watched it all the time until it accidentally got recorded over 🙁 Thank you.

  7. I have on video the Warrington one were a girl sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow and a bloke did Oh What A Night with a rap at the end. I’d love to see the whole rap.

    1. Any chance you could upload it please? I’m from Warrington myself and would love to see it – it’s not often we get a mention on telly!

    2. +MrBoombastic2011 I will need to collect it from my girlfriends house which is in the Philippines. I will then get it put onto cd and you can then have the video for free. But I’m not sure if I’m returning there this yeat 2016.

  8. has anyone got a copy of the Andy the taxi driver, singing radio gaga at the whitgift centre Croydon ? I know it was aired on boxing day 95.!!

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