Stuart Lubbock Michael Barrymore Part 2: Matthew Steeples

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    1. Listen to the information he brings to the table. That’s all that matters. He’s not smirking in a bad way. He sticks up for the underdog and forgotten. I think your nit picking.

  1. Let’s hold the Essex police to the task and do not accept a white wash or half baked investigation into this matter, someone does in fact know the truth of what happened, that’s what we want to know and that’s what we deserve to know.

  2. I hope Stuarts Dad gets the Justice he is due. I have very little faith in our Justice system thougu, especially when the people involved have money or power. Its so wrong.

    1. The Police, and the Justice system have long been corrupt. It’s an institution.

      The Police are the biggest gang in the world, and the Courts enforce the will of the lobbyists and Bureaucrats who fund them.

      The Police have “Arrest quotas” now….

  3. I wish people would stop saying “I’m not a conspiracy theorist”, like it is a bad thing. Stop internalising their propaganda! If you are not a conspiracy theorist at this point, well…

    1. Look just work on evidence and accept ignorance and you can’t go wrong. The biggest problem most people have is admitting they don’t know. The mind doesn’t like it. If you suspect anything in life investigate till you know with an open mind. Never trust the ego minds biases it will lie constantly.

  4. unless he was completely knocked out he would have screamed and struggled fighting for his life – no way that wasn’t seen and heard by those present.

    1. It was a party, so you have music pumping to a level of decibels and then add the noise of people talking and laughing, both inside and outside the house. so some could definately not have heard or seen what happened.
      obviously a few would of.

    2. @big andy Exactly! Ignoring things at a party that would hinder what you see and hear, make it easier to blame people. The other silly thing was/is suggesting that Barrymore is automatically guilty just because the party was at his house!

    3. @Tony Quigley All Barrymore has to do is answer the police questions. Why did you rummage through drawers explain why key evidence went missing and why not call the police straight away instead of fleeing the scene. While a dead body was floating in your pool.

    4. Screams were heard by the neighbors. I don’t believe people in the house didn’t hear it.

  5. If Barrymores PA/agent really did remove things from the scene of the crime then he/she needs to face charges. Are we assuming that this pool thermometer was used to sexually assault Stuart Lubbock? Was it Barrymore that actually rang his PA (and the fact that he rang his PA first, before bothering to call for an ambulance/police is disgusting!) asking them to remove the thermometer and other items? If so then why the hell didnt he at least face charges for that? I don’t believe that Barrymore was the killer or that he knew what was going to happen. I think that witnesses were paid off or they were in fear for their safety if they spoke out. I find the pay off the most likely but there was no doubt a lot of fear too. Barrymore had money and the drug dealer no doubt also had money and might have been the source of the fear, though it sounds like Barrymores boyfriend was far from nice too. Most likely it was those 2 (Barrmores boyfriend and the drug dealer) behind the assault and murder as both have a history of violence. I hope that Stuarts dad gets to see justice for his son finally and that we learn the truth.

    1. Great comment Dave. All Barrymore is bothered about is relaunching his own career, whilst poor Stuart and his family have absolutely no justice and no answers after all these years????

    2. @Matt Y its a horrendous story and by the sound of things at the very least 2 people know exactly what happened, but most likely a lot more do. I hope that the truth does indeed come out and those responsible get locked up for the rest of the lives.

  6. Mathew always comes across very well,smart,fair,well researched and sound reasoning. All in all,an excellent guest.👌

  7. Barrymore needs to tell the truth – he knows exactly what happened & has always seemingly felt above the law …. it’s disgusting – his appearance on big brother showed the world he is a very troubled man who’s guilt is eating away at him

    1. Woody var I have always sense that Michael Barrymore believed that he could do whatever he wanted and get away with it.i have always found him unbelievable arrogant but I also knew that it was a matter of time.may Stuart’ father find the peace he so desperately needs! Peace and love 💖

    2. @Charisse This case is going nowhere, Essex police are a joke and have not got a clue.
      They couldnt wait two weeks ago, to tell the world a man had been arrested, but what happened, he got bailed without charges and two weeks later still not a single interview of any of the people who were at the house, they have probably been told by the CPS they still dont have a case

  8. Part of me is thinking no justice for this family as Essex Police bad reputation. Major cover up. Money talks… please Justice for the Luddock family. God bless those still keeping this story going.

  9. Amazing how the entire group of people that night are all keeping quiet about what actually happened . Nobody didn’t see or hear anything . Not one decent person with a conscious . God help their souls

    1. Exactly yet so many people think it’s impossible for the Tapas 9 in the Madeleine McCann to keep a secret. Something very fishy going on here.

  10. Joint enterprise… they all should be prosecuted…including his agent/manger for tampering with evidence. Justice for Stuart.

    1. He may have fled to get rid of drugs or other things he didn’t want found when the police arrived, that said it may be that he was involved in Stuarts death to. i have a feeling we will never know the truth.

  11. On the morning of his murder the Essex police should have detained every person who attended the party and not reased any one of them until one of them spilled the beans.

  12. That’s disgusting MB got away with it.
    This poor chap was thrown in the water to wash away evidence..

  13. I’ve always thought this was a police cover up , someone at that party shouldn’t have been there , and was a major embarrassment for all concerned. Put it this way it went away very quickly barimore was a high profile celebrity back then, the police just left the mystery hang around him , rumours speculation trial by media. Put it this way , if I threw a party on the estate after lockdown and someone dies in similar circumstances, guarantee everyone there would be nicked

  14. Evil perverts the lot of them. If your at a party many of these people must have seen this murder. Why did Barrymore leave his own house. He left cause his sick perverted game went horribly wrong. 😠😠😠😠

  15. A friend of mine lived in a house that backed on to Barrymore’s place, his mother was paid 10k by the daily mail to let photographers take snaps of the pool from step ladders in the back garden. The locals were furious about this and the family was ostracised by them. My friend reliably informed me a couple of years prior to this murder that Barrymore had frequent and rowdy pool parties and women were never present.

  16. Great to hear from Matthew again. He mentioned Jeremy Bamber case. I’d be really interested to hear his reasons for advocating new trial. I am very concerned about so much evidence being withheld by Essex police and motivations of key prosecution witnesses.

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