British Comedy Awards 1994 – Meatloaf and Michael Barrymore

Meatloaf presents an award at the 1994 British Comedy Awards to Michael Barrymore

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  1. 3:53 was / is Michael deaf, is that a earaid
    & the joke about Kid’s from Jonathan stopped Michael in his tracks

    1. No he’s not deaf.
      You’re right about the kid comment. This was 94 and no one knew he was gay then. Only his wife, the red head in the audience, Cheryl.

    2. That earpiece will be transmitting quips to Michael from a team of joke writers, to give him the appearance of being witty off the cuff. Notice, they failed to respond to J Ross’s cutting remark about kids in time and Barrymore had to resort to an unrelated pun about getting bjs on stage.

  2. A reminder of how horribly unamusing Barrymore was even in his ‘prime’.
    Well done Jonathan for the ‘children’ remark.

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