Martin Bashir interviews Michael Barrymore.

Why did it take an hour before the police was called?

Michael Barrymore called his PA Mike Browne after he was promoted to do so by his friends Simon Shaw and James Futers, once they arrived at the flat they had walked to, with a bundle of materials he was holding

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  1. His lies make my blood boil.
    His blase attitude tells many tales.
    His shifty eyes when hit with key questions prove his guilt.
    Force him to take a lie detector test.

    1. The problem is lie detectors are unreliable because they can be fooled although it’s very difficult to do so it can be done. I agree with you by the way Barrymore is acting guarded, and he’s changed his account one too many times he claims it was an accident that killed Stuart but another time has gone on record claiming his defence team found a nurse who was part of the team that worked on Stuart when he was admitted to A&E and they stated he didn’t have those injuries yet this nurse has never come forward or gone on record about it. And he really fucked up in this interview he repeatedly has claimed he doesn’t know what happened but says here he wasn’t so out of it that he didn’t know what was going on in his house! He definitely knows more than he’s letting on I think one of the guests has some serious dirt on him and he and his guests all agreed on what they’d tell the police before any 999 calls were made.

    2. He lying in this interview. Said he just had some smoke then 2min later said he had cocaine at the other end of the house.

  2. Weird how he isn’t sure how he found the body. If someone finds a body should be something ingrained in their mind and be very clear about.

    1. Not necessarily true. Sometimes in the moment of a catastrophic event your mind will only release bits of the information at a level that you can process it. In some cases it takes weeks or months even for the entire scene to be processed with any clarity.

    2. @Product Junkie That’s true, but in this case I think he’s just lying. I think Jon Kenney was the actual murderer but that all 3 played in a part in it somehow which is why they all decided to keep quiet.

  3. It’s easy to forget Barrymore was probably the most important star on ’90s TV. Think Graham Norton meets Michael McIntyre meets Jonathan Ross. I daresay he knew his star might descend a little in the ’00s as his act might seem a little dated and he becomes more the “lovable old guy”. I think it says good things about his character that he doesn’t seem bitter that this death ruined his career entirely.

    1. @ Steve Christie Barrymore has never stopped complaining about how this killed his career in the last 20 years since it happened! He’s tried to sue the police for millions over it never mind a man died in his home under suspicious circumstances and the family have never got any answers or closure all Barrymore cares about is keeping himself out of prison and restarting his career. Its so blatantly obvious he knows more than he’s letting on I reckon those involved have some dirt on him that he doesn’t want getting out and they all agreed on what story to tell the police before 999 was even dialled.

    2. His on screen persona was all about mocking the common person. He was just a gameshow host and his comedy was always slightly mocking and sadistic.

    1. Something very heinous happened that night. Many more stones to turn and barrymore was and has been protected

    1. Barrymore was stupid to go to live in Essex in the first place. Plus, you always have Cameras in the houses too, cert. given there were Strangers there.

    1. He comes across as blatantly guilty as prince Andrew did in his interview. He’s being so evasive. I can tell he’s lying…like Andrew, he’s not very good at it.

  4. 17 March 2021 a 50 year old man was arrested today “in connection with the indecent assault and murder of Stuart Lubbock”. I hope this will get the crime finally solved. 
    In unrelated news: J.Kenney is 50.

    1. Still no follow through on the March news. Must say, the way he mentions Johnathan’s name and touch his nose gives me great suspicion that the answers lie somewhere between the 2.

  5. He says he wasn’t that out of his head that he didn’t know what was going on yet he doesn’t know what happened to Stuart! He’s a walking contradiction this man is and a bare faced liar. Its time they all spoke out and told the truth! The whole lot of them should be ashamed of themselves for the trouble and grief they have caused

    1. He was probably completely off his head, as were they all and it was a big house so it’s likely he doesn’t know what happened. However he may have supplied drugs to them all and doesn’t want to incriminate himself about that due to the drugs laws. I think that’s why he is somewhat evasive. I don’t think anyone was intentionally murdered and all were probably voluntarily partaking in drugs. Why else would they have gone back there? So I think it’s time to move on. Everyone was off their heads and their was a terrible accident with water involved. Water and substances don’t mix.

    2. @Mark Palmer His house was not actually that big, it was a luxury bungalow, not a mansion and according to reports all of the windows looked out onto the area of the swimming pool. He knows what happened. Stuart died after a violent sexual assault. A crime was committed so I dont think people, including Stuart’s family, can just ‘move on’ until the perpetrators are brought to account!

    3. Yes but barrymore wasnt at fault for that attack but because he supplied the drugs he is being very careful with what he admits. Barrymore wasnt the murderer or the reason for him dying so the fucking hatred this guy gets is a joke just because its happened in his house doesnt make him guilty. Simple

    4. Yes I’m glad I’m not the only one who believes hes a dirty filthy liar .I used to clean houses in his road in Roydon epping.he lived next door to rod Stewart’s house.harlow is where I’ve seen Michael before ….

  6. Definitely something strange about the whole thing, Barrymore has often said that he thinks Lubbock drowned. Nobody can suffer horrific injuries to the anal canal just because of drowning. One, or maybe more of them did it to that lad, we all know it, and whether Barrymore had anything physical to do with his death or not, I think there’s more he knows. Kenney had a history of violent incidents before this anyway, he was reportedly jealous of Barrymore meeting Lubbock that night, it doesn’t take Inspector Morse to focus attention on him. Others like Merritt, Futers, Shaw and company are all gonna have suspicion to their names as well.

    1. @victoria It happened at the Hospital? Did it buggery Vic. It is, and will always remain extremely suspicious, suspiciously unrevealed I might add. Unless loyalties change, unless every one of them is put behind bars in a bid to get answers, I don’t really see a conviction.

    2. @victoria It’s the only way I can really look at it now Vic. 21 years now, still no conviction or convictions. Great shame, but they all, or at least most of the 9 people there that night, must know something. It destroyed Barrymore, whether he had anything physical to do with it or not is immaterial. I don’t really have any sympathy for him because this happened at a time when he’d gone off the rails with drugs and knocking around with other blokes after leaving his wife which is bloody weird anyway if you ask me. Thanks again.

  7. Poor stuart and his family have never had justice.
    Barrymore knows more and should be held to account.

    1. Where is your irrefutable evidence that Barrymore ‘knows more’? You cannot hold someone to account unless you can prove it.

  8. Finally a man to be charged today, and the start of some justice being done. #justice4Stuart

    1. Exactly. He depersonalises Stuart bt referring to him as “the body”. He tho is by admitting he is responsible that we will believe everything else. It’s one thing being irresponsible for various issues, but not for a death in your property.

  9. I’m afraid Barrymore was his own worst enemy . Fame and money fuelled his desire to explore his sexuality with no boundaries . Whether or not he was directly involved in the death itself , his fleeing the scene , and his apparent lack of empathy for the man dying in his home , is utterly disgraceful .
    He should never ever be allowed back on our screens again . No amount of investigation will bring the dead man back . But Barrymore , who’s life was based upon his fame , will forever be in the shadows desperately trying to win favour . This will be his punishment . His last year’s in exile . Always a suspect in a needless death .

    1. He had few boundaries. Not just with regards to sexuality. His ex wife Cheryl’s accounts make my blood run cold

  10. Liars always look up and avoid eye contact when lying. He does this consistently through out his explanations. Guilty.

  11. His ex wife says he’s lied about what happened to Stuart. He was addicted to drugs alcohol for years and beat her up many times in drug drink fuelled rages He’s totally narcisscistic its part of his personality that charm he could turned on with his audiences but behind the act there’s total absence of human empathy. Martin Bashir is a very powerful inquisitor I’m surprised Barrymore agreed to interview but you can see how totally controlled he is barely moving barely talking holding it all back and lying througout…. his one and only concern then and now is for himself. He’s a horrible horrible man

  12. Surely the last time he saw Stuart was in the pool. Why would you describe him as “the body” when, supposedly, you didn’t know he was dead yet? Arrogant, indifferent and lacking any kind of basic human empathy, Michael Barrymore has got away with murder.

  13. Apparently only one of FIVE people could have been involved in Stuart Lubbock’s injuries and death if Barrymore was not responsible and it was not self inflicted. That does not seem to be an insurmountable crime to crack.

    1. @Justice4 Stuart Lubbock If criminal behaviour was not involved and SL died from accidentally falling into the pool and drowning, it is surprising that no one saw this or claimed that it had happened which would have provided an innocent explanation. Of course such an explanation would mean that Stuart must have been detached from the party and no one was immediately available to rescue him. Nowhere have I seen Barrymore explain why and how he apparently discovered the body in the pool in the absence of all the other guests. Was he looking for him?

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