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  1. Michael Barrymore looks like an OAP, I just wonder what memories he has of Strike it Rich, Did he strike it Lucky…most possibly not..

  2. Oh good, a vid you can actually comment on…Now then,..big wow, he had a drink problem. Alot of celebs have that and are still in the limelight. Michael is still sorely missed so sort it out BBC and get him back on the screen. Everything on TV is utter shite these days. Its about time something was brought back, with the original presenter, that works. Strike It Lucky is that very thing. Presuming he can still take all the stairs lol. If not, make a bigger studio.

    1. @Stevie how many comments have you posted on here? 😂😂 sounds like you’ve got a grudge…what’s up, did he once turn you down for a B.J??

  3. Unfortunately Barrymore is more infamous for his connections to the Stuart Lubbock who tragically lost his life at Barrymore’s mansion during a drug fuelled party!

  4. I dont think he had any involvement in the sad events that took place at his home but having the status he did he was simply a target for news and police. Big name = big news and he suffered for that and still is doing. Sadly that means the real culprit or culprits are still out and free. Sort it out

    1. Part of the issue was also that he legged it rather than stick around to help with the investigation – even when not guilty, running away makes you look guilty

  5. So the main point is, after the 4th minute, the pressure drop and look at how he stares to ground snd creates them lies, this man reminds me of a friend I know, a compulsive lier and guess what, my friend is gay too. A lier, a gay, and very manipulative, he can you be good at deceiving you, there us a difference between sorry I wasn’t involved to, oops I did it and I have to hide this truth till I die, his behaviour clearly shows this, what you see there is 1 fucked up mind.

  6. And after 7 minutes, he can joke about been arrested, wait there a moment, you where arrested due to hosting a party which encounter a death, the authorities have rights to arrest all and gather information. So how can he joke about an arrest connected with a death, it’s disrespect to the father of that child., the man is a cold faced laughing killer, he laughs inside about it, I can see up it clear.

  7. This bastard should have been arrested and charged with obstructing the course of justice when he decamped with evidence – after a brutal sexual assault resulting in murder. at his residence.

  8. i can tell hes been to AA by the language hes using…. but one of the things a sponsor would encourage is a look within at all the wrongs youve caused and bring them into light… not publicly but he could do an anonymous tip off to police… just one person in recovery to another

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