Michael Barrymore with his solicitor James Heath on GMB 04/03/20

On Saturday 31st March 2001, Stuart Lubbock was invited to Michael Barrymore’s former home whom he meet at a nightclub.

Stuart never returned home after that night.

All party guests have conflicting stories, someone from the night knows the truth.

How did Stuart get these horrific injuries?

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    1. P G just look on YT. I watched two this morning where he contradicted himself, once about what he saw and another about drugs.

    2. @frances simmonds strange how he can remember everything else from his past. Must have selective memory

  1. I’ve wondered for a while if someone ‘blacked out’ due to being off their head at that party and can’t remember what they did. If you’ve ever had a few hours of a night out go missing you’ll know what I’m getting at.

    Someone at that party crossed a fateful and fatal line with Stuart (RIP and condolences) but it’s just possible they really don’t remember doing it. Doesn’t excuse their actions in any way whatsoever but this has always been a very screwed up case.

    I’d be more shocked if it ever got solved than if it remained unsolved forever, if that makes sense…

    1. Timothy Hadley you’re blaming the victim!? Nasty bit of work, blame someone who can’t defend themselves. He had such horrific internal injuries he died. The neighbour heard a man screaming. According to his ex Stuart didn’t do drugs, although he liked a drink. His brother said he was star struck which is why he went to the “party”. Poor lad didn’t have a clue what he was getting into. And all barrymores done is lie and feel sorry for himself.

  2. If he honestly had no idea what happened that night, but it is clear that someone did, is it really credible that he would never have any desire to know who the guests were, or have desire to speak to them?? I can’t get my head around that stance.

    1. Especially considering he was dating one of them at the time and knew at least 2 of the others from the local pub and club scene? If you had shared such a baffling and horrific experience as stumbling upon a tragic accident that caused a young man to die… Wouldn’t you stay in touch and support each other? So strange.

    1. Sadly it wouldn’t make a difference, lie detectors can’t be used as evidence in a court of law because they aren’t 100% credible

    2. @KKlavv01 Thanks for your comment 😃 It would be very interesting seeing Barrymore interrogated by the Police, to see how quickly he cracks!!

    3. @Cold Cases with Colette Definitely, i’ve just started following this case as I was born the year it all took place🤣 Hopefully somebody comes forward though. Gave you a sub👍🏼 keep up the good work

    4. @KKlavv01 Hey Kyle, thanks so much for the sub 😃 I really appreciate the support 👍The Barrymore /Stuart Lubbock case is so strange and interesting, especially from the perspective of no one ever being put in prison for the crime. I really do hope that Stuart’s family get justice soon 🤞🤞🙏🙏

    5. I don’t think it would change any minds. As it’s not 100%, even if that showed him to be innoncent, people would still assume he’s the guilty one.

  3. after hearing the news of a person being quized of the death of stuart lubbock lets hope we can put this case to rest

    1. Hey Paul, thanks so much for your comment 😃 I really pray that this tragic case can be closed soon and that Stuart’s family finally get justice 🙏🤞

    2. @Cold Cases with Colette when is mr barrymore going to get it
      the reason this wont go away is because most of the witness statments
      contradict with one and another. i have a pool they dont heat up in 5 mins ,
      also no one can remembers how the time past that evening they cant even agree on who found him or who pulled him out the pool, did he actually even go in the pool at all ? we will never know because no sample was ever taken from the pool. There is a time period called the golden 90 minutes no one can account for and 90 minutes is a long time conspire. people are not stupid ,the truth willl come out at some stage.

    1. One was his present boyfriend at the time and they was in rehab together for 2 months AFTER Stuart died. And 2 of the ‘guests’ he knew for approx 5-10 years before that night. And they made 2 visits to Barrymore’s home after Stuart died

  4. I’m beginning to think Michael remembers at least something what went one. We’ve all had crazy nights but always at least remember one crazy moment. Even if it lasted a few seconds

    1. Especially if it involved rape and murder. If he had nothing to hide why, why, why not be just as anxious about finding the perpetrator/s?

  5. He left the scene of the accident/crime, not the actions of a person that cares or shows any responsibility, smells very fishy to me.
    Justice will prevail in the end.

  6. 04:30 ‘can’t be anything other than a tragic accident’ aye Stewart slipped at the side of the pool and landed on the pools thermometer …8 times?

  7. They were probably all off their heads and it was a big house, so it’s quite possible he didn’t see anything and doesn’t know anything about how the guy ended up in the pool. I suspect his apparent caginess is due to the substances involved at the party, which if he had procured, would make him guilty of supplying them. He should really just say clearly that he doesn’t know anything because he was completely off his head and not by the pool when it happened. But it’s easy to see why he doesn’t due to the drugs laws.

  8. Barrymore is guilty of this crime . His body language says everything. And the fact he took his barrister speaks volumes.

  9. The penny has only just dropped for me in this case, I think I’m like most British people in that we assume MB is innocent. Why?
    After reading Peter Hyatt’s statement analysis of MB’s Piers Morgan interview I was shocked to discover that MB has guilty knowledge of what happened to Stuart. I was genuinely surprised and concerned by my own ignorant assumptions.
    I began to look into the case and was even more shocked to discover how little there is on social media about it. Yes, there’s a documentary available (it’s apparently hard-hitting, I’m yet to see it) but when the family/support group/supporters share info etc they’re sometimes lucky if they get 20 RTs. Why? That really made me wonder.
    After some thought it seems to me, as a mum of two young men it’s a terrifying thought, it must be because it was a man who was raped; had Stuart been a woman this case would have likely been solved by now and at the very least people would be sharing it in their thousands. It strikes me that people don’t want to look, they don’t want to see a “beloved celeb” cry, to know hideous details of what happened to Stuart, it’s just too shocking. Some will even have prejudice against male rape, not even wanting to imagine the vulnerability of a single man in a group of aggressors. Ultimately, maybe it’s way more easy to believe that, “poor old Barremore” is being wrongly accused than face the horrific truth.
    Maybe many of ppl in UK are guilty of unwitting and unintentional ignorance in this case but from now on I pledge to do everything in my power to support #Justice4Stuart and beg anyone reading this, for the sake of our own sons as well as Stuart and his family, please get involved and support, until the day Stuart and his loved ones finally get the justice they so dearly deserve.

  10. Very helpful with evidence of broken wrist. Went to a lot of effort over that. Ego makes him think he is the victim. Unable to put himself in Terry’s shoes (also lawyer says he is unable to ) . Inability to have empathy known personality disorder trait.seems his lawyer is very much a similar personality.
    RIP Terry who was tormented for the rest of hi life.

  11. Every damn time I hear that jackass solicitor say he does not see how anyone can think that Stuart’s death was anything other than a “tragic accident”, it makes my blood boil. People are not raped by accident. The fact alone that Barrymore sees fit to bring his solicitor to a morning tv show interview is extremely telling. We all know he is lying thru his teeth. He can barely get a legible sentence out because there are sooooo many lies he’s terrified of tripping himself up. There will be #Justice4Stuart, it’s just a shame it didn’t happen whilst his father was still alive.

  12. No one has been convicted of this case ,for one simple reason at the outset it was a police cover up ,and I fear now is too late despite what Essex police say for anybody to be charged and convicted of this heinous crime !!
    But we can only live in hope that someone will be charged and brought to justice!!

  13. i still cant grasp the fact that no one knows anything at all. The fact that barrymore’s manager was contacted before the ambulance proves barrymore cared more about his career than saving a life. The fact he ran away screams guilt

  14. He actually said he believes nobody at the party knows what’s happened to Stuart. That’s complete and utter rubbish. Stuart Lubbock had catastrophic internal injuries which Barrymore incredibly said happened after the body was moved out of his house. These 2 statements cannot be taken seriously by anyone. He always paints himself as the victim. The real victim is Stuart Lubbock and his family

  15. I feel so much for Stuart’s family they need to know the truth somebody at that party knows something I hope they get answers.

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