my kind of people part 2. Olympia Shopping Centre in East Kilbride

My Kind of People is an ITV television show presented by British entertainer Michael Barrymore broadcast in 1995. Barrymore travelled around the country in his customised sports car visiting shopping centres, amateurs performed on a stage for the programme unrehearsed.

Some acts were simply shown performing together with the audience reaction, whereas others were interviewed by Barrymore or shown inter-dispersed with footage of Barrymore to the side of the stage engaged in foolish behaviour in order to get reactions from the audience. Often Barrymore would join the act on stage and continue the tomfoolery.

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    1. And your mum is my big cousin 🙂 amazing memories of listening to her sing when I was a kid. Her singing always makes me emotional even now ❤️ tell her Martha’s Sha was bk listening to it again lol x

  1. That was when TV was good you’d actually stay in on a Saturday to watch Barrymore I miss his shows aswell so funny me and my pal angie were at eastkilbride it was great

  2. My gorgeous big cousins in this one. Jennifer singing from a distance. Still loving watching that clip yet and I’m 34 now 😂 take me bk.

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