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  1. Loved michael barrymore, such a good host. I still dont believe he had anything to do with what happened at his house

  2. I loved Michael Barrymore and he was great with the kids would love to see him back on our screen

  3. Am I the only one who’s noticed that the kids on strike it lucky were more tactful than the adults? All the adults ever wanted to do was greedily get across to the other side for the big prize and forget the smaller prizes, but the kids always seem to be more careful with banking. Teaches me something about adults and kids.

  4. Great show, Michael really is a brilliant performer & has a great rapport with all guests.

    It’s especially evident in these specials, he’s naturally fun & engages with the contestants.

    Players might be in their 90s or in their teens, but he connects with every single person. Such a shame that his career crashed in the way it did.

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