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  1. Excuse me! Barrymore is not a representative at all of Brit humour. Besides, a comedian is meant to be funny, which is something very evidently missing in this video. He used to be a VERY light entertainer.

  2. Not only is it important for people to see this video to understand once again that Ms Boyle has a true talent – and also to see she has grown as an artist since that time … but for millions of people to see a disgusting example of abuse and bad manners thrown in the face of a vulnerable auditionee. It’s a perfect example of how never to behave and one more reason why her latest audition must be the one to take her where she wants to be.

  3. Barrymore was a funny bloke, you can all slag him in hindsight. But at that time, he was the funniest around and the biggest star on Tv, this is what he did. He said himself she had a great sense of humour and would come down every year and have a laugh.

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