The body in the pool (How much does Michael Barrymore know?)

This week, I am talking about the case of Stuart Lubbock, who was tragically found dead in the pool of UK celebrity Michael Barrymore. Barrymore has famously remained tight-lipped about 'that night' despite numerous investigations, arrests and allegations. Did you watch the recent documentary on the case? What do you think. Let me know in the comments!

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    1. Hey buddy! Its my other obsession, so I thought I’d run with it :). This is a very well known one in the UK. Michael Barrymore was a massive household name.

    2. @Lisa Loves I’d have to do some research sometime. That’s interesting. I’m glad it’s going well for you. Keep up the good work!

  1. Barrymore has said that Lubbock drowned. He insists that no wrongdoing occurred in his house. But how does Barrymore know this? He wasn’t there, right? Why is Michael challenging the findings of the pathologists?

    1. He obviously isn’t thinking clearly. Not an awful lot that he’s done makes any sense, unless of course he’s a desperate man trying to deflect the attention away from himself. The suggestions he’s made of what happened are ridiculous. The public are incredibly fickle and seem to have conveniently forgotten what happened.

    2. @Lisa Loves his boyfriend may have done it, Mr Anthony Bennett looked at this case and it was he who found all the discrepancies and got the Lubbock family the reopen of the case, nobody had even been in the pool and a hot tub is more like it, Mr Bennett has just been looking into Robert Fleeting a case of a similar nature but on a RAF base, MR Bennett is a true man of Justice helping many people

  2. If Barrymore is innocent, surely his story unfolds like this. He finds a man floating in his pool. According to Micheal he was alone when he found the body. “My god!” He exclaims. “This is terrible! It looks like this fella has drowned in my pool. How awful! Has he succumb to the drink and drugs? Is he sick? I’d better run for help.” He gets people from his home to help. They call an ambulance. The police and paramedics arrive. Barrymore is asked what happened. “Well I just found this body in my pool. It’s terrible. Will he be OK?” The body is removed and examined. Barrymore is told that the body displays evidence of a violent rape and murder. It is certain that this attack occurred at the home of Michael. “Oh my goodness!” Barrymore cries. “How awful! I thought that he drowned because that’s what it looked like when I found him but the findings of the pathologists clearly dispute this. What monster did this in my home? This poor man and his poor family.”

    But that is not his story is it? He disputes the findings of the scientists and he fled the scene before the police and ambulance arrived. Key evidence including blood stained clothing and a likely assault weapon vanished from the crime scene without trace.

    1. @Victorian Ghost The police concluded the same as you. Stuart was thrown into the pool to simulate drowning and remove forensic evidence. It looks like Barrymore will never be brought to trial for this.

    2. @LdnLady he is that . You know what’s really sad tho. If you vent your validation towards people like that . You get called a troll or jealous by celebrity Twitter types . Oh yes . They have a great way of rebuffing us people for digging up their debauchery. It’s amazing actually the defence mechanism they have laid in place for themselves . But I grant you this . It will be their undoing .

    1. Thanks so much buddy 🙂 A bit shocking to get these kind of viewing figures. I know I chose time sensitive cases, so maybe other videos won’t do as well, but either way, I’m stoked!

  3. A very good video , thanks Lisa keep up the good work…. Two more cases come to mind, they are The McCanns and Bamber.. I would love your thoughts on those

    1. Thanks a lot Michael. I’ll need to look into Bamber. I just looked him up and I hadn’t actually heard of that case, so I may well do this one. Thanks so much for the suggestion. With the McCanns, I go back and forth so many times with it. Something doesn’t sit right with me about it, but I don’t know if I feel as ready as most to say they definitely were involved. I’m really not sure though. I watch 1 documentary and I’m sure they’re guilty, then I see another which contradicts everything the first one showed and I’m all indecisive again. Maybe I should do one with ALL the evidence both ways. That would be a long’un though., lol.

  4. Excellent review, much appreciated! I am a Canadian and I had no idea who this guy was. I think this was well explained.

  5. Hi Lisa, I watched this documentary and found it interesting, great to see the video getting loads of views for you Lisa.

    1. Hey Arran. Thanks a lot buddy. Its a wierd one, if I chose the right subject matter, it gets lots of views, but normally I don’t get any more than 100 view maximum from most of my videos (and some less than that). I so need to do one about The Tiger King but I almost don’t know where to start, lol. Have you watched it yet?

  6. Well done on the views for this video, fantastic and well deserved!!

    Really interesting video and had a lot of details in, good job 👍
    Michael Barrymore knows what happened as do all the people there!

    I feel for the family who deserve answers xxx

    1. Totally feel for the family. Barrymore definitely knows more than he’s letting on. I wish doing the right thing was more important than his reputation and career. I read some stuff in comments other people put and poor Stuarts actual injuries are horrendous. It definitely points to more than 1 person being involved.

  7. We see a different Michael on screen. I sense a truly dark side to him. He is very strange in interviews too. Michael knows more…no doubt. At least one of the 9 people at the house killed Stuart or know what happened. Harlow where it took place is around an hour’s drive from where I live. Been to Harlow so many times and it has some wonderful shops. It happened kinda on my doorstep. No doubt Michael knows more. He would have made a great actor because he’s good at putting on an act. I sense just this insane dark side in Barrymore…something is not right with him. Very strange and creepy if you ask me.

    1. Lets hope one day when loyalites change that someone in that group will come forward with information.

  8. I enjoyed listening to this girl’s info/view on this case. Things do not add up. Why did the thermometer disappear? Was Barrymore seen carrying something wrapped in cloth under his arms? So many questions but zero answers.

    1. Very true, zero answers. The truth will no doubt come out one day, but probably not until all the people implicated are dead and gone. Thanks so much for your comment.

  9. Thankyou so much for this upload I’m very much in agreement with you, Barrymore knows who committed the murder. I hope Mr Lubbock gets justice for his son 🙏

    1. Thanks a lot for watching. I hope justice is finally served one day. It will probably be one of those where it all comes out after everyone who can be implicated is dead and gone.

  10. Stuart was at Barrymores house three hours from arriving in a cab to leaving in a body bag. You can bet he was dead long before the police were called as we know they at least cleaned up the crime scene. The items taken probably had Barrymores DNA on them as did Stuart which is why he was in the pool. Barrymore crudely propositioned the cab driver and pouted after being rejected. He probably did the same to Stuart and was rejected with the explanation that he wasn’t gay but Barrymore responded differently this time possibly due to Cocaine and more alcohol. Somebody did those things to Stuart and they along with the clean up took time. To believe Barrymore was in his bedroom unaware of what transpired you have to believe he went home with guests to continue the party, invited a man he’d never met,m and was driven home by a driver who rejected his sexual advances only to go to his room while his guests drank his booze , broke out the Coke , raped and killed a man then cleaned up the scene and forgot that he “ really needed a f@ck “
    Was his publicist there already or was he called to do damage control adding more time between Stuart’s death and the call to police? Doesn’t ring true. I think Barrymore knows exactly what happened and is probably guilty of rape, brutal sodomization that killed Stuart while the other two men held him down at minimum
    As well as tampering with evidence etc

    1. Thanks a lot for the comment. It does seem that things were covered for sure. I imagine the publicist was called the helped cover things. I’m torn on how much ‘physically’ Barrymore had to do with it, but he definitely is at the very least, complicit in the death of Stuart and lying to cover his own backside.
      How he’s got away with it, I will never understand. Lets hope that some day someone will break the silence and tell the truth.

    2. @Lisa Loves
      Thank you for creating a video on this subject that has so many details and for the kind and respectful wording and delivery that was so evident when you spoke about Stuart and his Family. Not everyone cares enough to bother. You are of course right to avoid making assertions in the absence of proof and especially so when it’s something as heinous as that would be. Sometimes it feels like like there is a point during someone’s description of the facts in which I feel like I know what took place from the perspective of and feel the emotions of the victim and the main person responsible for ending the victims life. In those instances logic and prudence are conspicuously absent and I just say it as I see it. It makes me sound like a Nutter but what can I do . Thanks again and keep up the great work. It matters
      I just realized I probably should have added that I’m sure the “ Visions” I spoke of are probably just my over active imagination .

  11. Thanks – based on what I’ve seen I’m leaning towards:-

    Multiple people (possibly including Barrymore) assaulted poor Stuart (including sexual assault – sorry), ultimately causing his death.
    Some of them (including Barrymore) had some sort of ‘blackout’ meaning they can’t remember what they did – perhaps other guests at this horror show of a party explained it to them at a later date?
    Barrymore ‘doesn’t know’ in so much as he hasn’t got any direct recall/mental video footage, so can sit there and semi-plausibly claim to know nothing. He does ‘know’ that something awful happened though.
    As there were multiple perpetrators a ‘pact of silence’ has been established on the basis of either we all go down for this or none of us do. That explains why precisely nobody has or will ever come forward.

    Barrymore can’t admit that he blacked out as this would re-open questions as to possible guilt.

    It would also mean he couldn’t give evidence against anyone else – the feeling he’s always given me is that he wants the whole thing to magically disappear and for him to equally magically re-appear on our television screens. His lack of empathy for the Lubbock family is perhaps the most disturbing element here.

    1. This is the most eloquently put way to sum this all up. He does most definitely just want it all to go away and it’s very clear there has been a pact of silence. I’m not sure that I think he actually partook in the abuse (but like you say, it is possible that he has no memory), but what it clear is that he knows for sure that Stuart died there and rather than lie to cover his own backside, he should have done everything he could to help the police.

    2. @Lisa Loves I am convinced of two aspects here – 1) multiple perps and 2) at least some people blacked out, which explains pretty much everything if you think about it.

  12. Great video! IMO Barrymore knows what happened, . He claims he has no idea, but
    to me, the fact Barrymore was forthcoming in blaming the hospital for Lubbock’s horrendous injuries is very telling.

    1. I agree completely. The hospital thing was unforgiveable. It was proven that they had lied about that. He may not have been physically involved, but he knows something.

    2. @Timothy Hadley no Stuart was killed he did not drown in the pool but killed. He keeps saying he would talk to Stuart’s family but when they try to he blocks them he knows exactly what happened the same as the person who called the police that day and hour after finding his body they should all be done for withholding evidence and perverting the cause of justice

  13. There’s been an arrest. Someone there that night probably got nicked on unrelated charges and spilled the truth to get off themselves. I hope Stuarts family finally get answers and the culprits get what they deserve.

    1. @2020 vision I think he was barrymores boyfriend at the time. He was from Lancashire and the arrest with made close by in Cheshire

  14. Jonathan Kenney been arrested not long ago. 50 year old man been arrested. Only points to Kenney as he’s the only one who’s 50 out of all of the people who were there

  15. Hi Lisa loves and thanks for your rendition of this appalling murder. I had just been reading some articles on this story and found out who was at this party. Seemingly there were 8 guests and Michael Barrymore. present. Some of them had just met MB in the Millenium Club that night and had been invited to the pool party. Some he did know. JONATHAN KENNEY( MB’s drag queen boyfriend), JUSTIN MERRIT ( bin man), KYLIE MERRIT(Justin’s sister), CLAIRE JONES, KELLY CAMPBELL, SIMON SHAW, JAMES FUTERS( Essex chef), SIMON SHAW and LUBBOCK. They are all hiding the truth. I am really truly hoping that this re- opened case is solved since J Kenney has been arrested once more due to new evidence emerging. Shame on the police who did not ( once again) do their job properly when this disaster occurred. Too much lost evidence. BM’s house and pool area should have been secured and everybody sbould have had to evacuate the property. Crazy!!!!

  16. he definitely knows and most likely involved with it. lets hope the real justice will be done one day

  17. Hi Lisa, really enjoyed this video, full of interesting facts about the case 👍 it’s a fascinating story and I agree that the facts have been buried by the people at this gathering and sadly I feel like we will never know the truth in this case unless somebody breaks their silence 🤔😔 excellent video

  18. If you study his body language,it’s very suspect indeed,lots of telltale signs that he is deceptive.great video.

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