Cheryl Cole’s Derek Hough on Michael Barrymore

Footage has emerged of Cheryl Cole's rumoured boyfriend Derek Hough, singing and dancing on Michael Barrymore's My Kind of Music.

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  1. @yellowpepsi3 I meant the singing part.. That he has a good and singing voice..
    He is probably one of the best ballroom and latin dancers out there.. He is actually my favorite on DWTS and favorite dancer.. I’ve been a fan of his for a VERY long time..

  2. @LFCxBIF lol sorry a lot of cheryl’s fans like to be mean to derek… im just a fan of derek on dwts =D

  3. @yellowpepsi3 I am not a Cheryl fan at all.. lol
    I dont like her actually.. As a “singer” and as a judge on X Factor.
    I think she’s clueless and I dont think she is capable of mentoring anybody cause she does not know anything about music or singing cause she mimes every time she has a performance or if she sings live she will sound horrible. But she makes Derek happy, and I do think they are good together.. I can imagine them actually having a relationship, so I’m not hating on her 🙂

  4. @LFCxBIF lol i guess… i actually think shes a good mentor because she knows how to make something out of nothing… like how she doesnt have much to offer her fans… but makes herself seem like old

  5. @rosalielove1 I dont hate her as a person. I’m sure she is kind and deserves a happy life..
    But I dont like her as an artist.. Or I dont want to call her that cause she’s not. Not even a singer cause she sounds horrible and is VERY overrated.. Just my opinion. I dont hate her as a person. Or else I would be mad if Derek was with her.. Cause I’m a BIG derek fan! But I think they are cute together.. 🙂

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