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Michael Barrymore speaks of his experience with the press.
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Michael Barrymore argues against the motion that he does NOT want to make news. He talks of his experience with the press and how they sensationalise stories based on no evidence.

MOTION: "The house would rather make news than report it."
In light of increasing antagonism between those who make the news and those who report it, is journalism a worthy profession? Has the Leveson enquiry changed matters?

Michael Barrymore is a comedian voted the UK's favourite television star during the 1990s. He attracted intense media attention following the death of a guest at a party he held in 2001, and later commented "the press killed Michael Barrymore.

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  1. Because we should repress the people you don’t like and not let them speak? A debate is a pretty well-balanced platform, no?

  2. I dont know why the argument breaks down to “Who was right, Barrymore or the papers”. I have no respect for the newspapers or people like Piers Morgan, but I dont think that their underhanded actions absolve Barrymore. I still think he knows a lot more than he is saying. It’s very hard to think that he is not aware of what went on at the house that night.

    1. Why does there have to be a conspiracy? It’s reasonably possible that the combination of drugs and alcohol and the evenings activities had a big deciding factor in what happened, no one forced him to take them nor did they force him to participate in an act or multiple acts that ultimately killed him.The world is obsessed with blame,responsibility for your own choices is trait sadly diminished in humans.accidents happen especially when drugs,booze and hedonistic abandonment have an influence.

  3. He stresses that he never employed a publicist and names the odious Max Clifford as an example of a celebrity publicist. Perhaps he SHOULD have hired one all those years ago, not Clifford but there must have been someone else available in those days. If he had had a publicist then maybe, just maybe, things wouldn’t have escalated to the extent they did when his private life first started to unravel. Properly managed and carefully looked after, he may never have descended to the depths of the cocaine pool parties, one of which claimed someone’s life. His late wife, who was also his manager, fought to keep the marriage together and to keep his career going even after he came out publicly because she was thinking like his manager, not like his wife and that is a classic example of the situation being mishandled. At that time the overwhelming thing should have been to get him well and keep him stable. Sadly, what took priority over that was to keep the brand going and the money rolling in despite the possible effects it may have on the Number One asset. This is something which the team who handle Ant and Dec must bear in mind. Okay, McPartlin’s situation is a shadow of what Barrymore’s became but when Barrymore first started to fall apart nobody ever thought things would descend in the way they did. Despite all that, he has always known much more than he has told but what made it a thousand times worse was that he fled the scene and checked himself into rehab again so he couldn’t be questioned. I still miss him as an entertainer, though.

  4. Stuart Lubbock lost his life in horrific circumstances, Barrymore and his friends covered up what really happened, the Police didn’t do their job properly in my opinion. Barrymore has no shame nor have the television companies who keep trying to help him resurrect his career its morally wrong which ever way you look at it…

  5. Michael Barrymore: who appoints these politicans? Me: the Queen appoints her government ministers including the prime minister however the most powerful people in her government are appointed by her prime minister. The cabinet secretary and chief special adviser to the prime minister are the most powerful people in the UK. They are the prime minister’s top advisors and the people he listens to

  6. One rubbish Oxford Union fail.
    Seems .. anyone can get on to speak now.
    In fact I’ve applied to go on next session.. speaking about Mushy peas.

  7. Omg does he take any accountability for his drugged up pissed behaviour and a man was found dead in his pool and also he was a wife beater….its me me me….he even brings into the equation a dieing child….he is seriously narcissistic.

  8. What is this man on ? Is he drunk ? I’ve never heard such ramblings by anyone .What an embarrassment to burble on like this in front of intelligent young people like these and expect them to be sympathetic when a young man has been murdered at his home and he claims that he has no knowledge of what happened .

  9. In case you didn’t know, Barrymore says that the poor guy’s injuries took place after the paramedics took him away. This is deep and dark psychopathy.

  10. They drugged him, his drinks were spiked, Barrymore’s ex wife tells all
    in her book, about Barrymore spiking drinks and food of guests on
    numerous occasions. She stated that she was scared at how far he would
    go, her words!.

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