Michael Barrymore’s best bites and naughty bits

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  1. wish i was old enough to have got to watch him in the original days must have been hilarious

  2. Love you Michael Barrymore. You always were, still are & always will be one of the funniest ppl we were honoured to know. You had people in fits back then & still have them omin fits today. You are a legend and are sincerely missed on our TVs.

  3. Well done Michael, laughed all the way through. Best entertainer of all time. Please come back to our screens, miss you.

  4. there was always something john cleese-esq about Barrymore, I loved his innocent banter with the most loveliest of people, I hope it was all genuine.

  5. Michael Barrymore made it better to stay in of a Saturday night until a rival media group ruined him

  6. Micheal is so genuine. I loved working with him. Silly little fact, Fiona and me lived in the same street as we appeared on the show.

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