Stuart Lubbock death at Michael Barrymore;s home: Essex Police Press Conference

Stuart Lubbock death at Michael Barrymore;s home: Essex Police Press Conference .

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    1. @Lee Green I could be wrong but if I remember rightly from the Doc, all the statements said that the last time Stuart was seen alive he was with Jonathan Kenny and another guest in the jacuzzi. Barrymore was not with them. I think the PA removed the evidence on Kenny’s orders, as I think he is the only other person than Barrymore that the PA would take orders from. Kenny also had previous for violence and him and Barrymore had argued earlier that night so a few things point to him. P.S… Sorry for the essay 😇

    2. Twizz 87 No that’s cool lol

      You make some good points…

      However the fact is that none of us outside of the 9 people in that house that night know what actually happened…

      But the facts are this, a person or persons was directly involved in what happened to that man that night…now unless the other people were in a coma ( very unlikely) they would have seen a person or persons moving very suspiciously after the event….

      Based on that any statement or statements from them 9 people has to have a massive question mark over it….

      I would suspect that due to it being Barrymores home the police would have carried out a soft investigation mainly down the road of drowning….

      The police need to rearrest all 9 people on suspicion of murder and interview all 9 as murder suspects , the way the police handle murder interviews is very different and anyone hiding anything will be under great pressure….

      Also due to the fact that other people ie PA and others entered the crime scene after the crime took place and items were removed especially the thermostat which was pictured in situ and then went missing….all those people should be arrest on pervert the course of justice

    3. @Lee Green I fully agree with you. I do think maybe Barrymore knows more than he let on, I just dont think he did it. All 8 of them are definitely at fault coz they will know what happened that night but they haven’t the decency to give Stuart’s poor Dad and Brother the truth. They’re who I feel most sorry for.

    4. Johnathan Kenny arrested yesterday for the rape& murder of Stuart 😔(only person at the party that night that’s 50 yrs old today) poor Stuart’s father only has months to live I hope he sees some sort of justice, devastating for him😢😢😢

  1. Onn up cowards ! That poor lad didn’t deserve that horrible end. And his poor Dad deserves justice !!!
    Do the right thing !!!

  2. I think the knock on the doors coming for the guilty, this copper sounds like he’s going for a nicking. Everyone is guilty at that party in some way now.

  3. To all those who left a comment,theres other vids made where people are defending BARRYMORE,making excuses,being ‘know it all’,so much so,I couldn’t believe what I was reading.One of those that left comments I feel SURE was there that night.You’ll come across it.

  4. The fact that people are saying someone is still guilty even when professionals have went over and over the evidence to see that MB wasn’t at the scene of the crime at that time is quite shocking.

    Innocent until proven guilty doesn’t exist any more.

    But, all being said… Someone has to know what happened, wether it be MB or anyone else at the scene they need to admit it.

    1. From what I’ve heard you can’t say he wasn’t there…but you can’t say it was him who got rid of the potential evidence. I doubt anyone will rock the boat and say anything unless something comes up that causes the whole tower of lies to collapse.

    2. Innocent and not guilty are different and Barrymore to me and from weird facts like leaving the scene , not helping Stuart out of the pool , evidences dissapearing , not wanting to answers questions makes him not guilty yet but not Innocent.

    3. @theric66 Well yes, it’s just if you imply guilt you need to know what exact crime you are implying guilt about. Sadly it seems this was bungled at the time and it doesn’t look like we will find any more truth unless someone speaks up….probs not.

    4. @Sarah L I’m glad you said that, that’s the message I was trying to convey, you said it pretty much how I wanted to say it and better.

      I think auto-guilting people without a conviction can be dangerous, socially and professionally.

      There’s plenty of cases in which people have been implied in heinous crimes and had their careers and lives ruined even if they’ve been proven innocent by a court of law…

      In Barrymore’s case, even if proven literally innocent by a court of law, I still think people would demonise him…

  5. Dear Mr Lubbock,my heart breaks for you,and your family.You are a very brave man,and a wonderful father.I suspect you have been to hell and back,please find the strength to go on . When you get justice for your son,may those responsible go to hell .kind regards to you all.

    1. Terry and Sue Lubbock justice is coming PARKER isn’t a man who knows how to speak the truths he’s a liar he knows more than he said. A liar who told the LUBBOCK’S he would help them get justice then Parker blocks them all on twitter, plus he has blocked all their friends if he hadn’t got anything to hide why does he BLOCK people

  6. Everyone at that house knows exactly what happened. I’m amazed that all nine of them have kept their cover for this long. Who’s the king pin, Barrymore, the Merritt’s? Is Barrymore paying or has paid them off? Had this happened before, luring men back to the house to be abused. Had they even killed someone before but disposed of the body. I thought the 999 call was very odd, the guy was very calm and seemed to be just reporting a death rather than calling for help. The whole thing is very fucking dodgy. As ever the Police completely fucked up, but that’s nothing new. I hope the truth comes out, mainly for Stuart’s Dad.

  7. Their best chance at getting to the truth is to approach the Women who were there…I doubt they participated in Stuarts murder….It must of took at least 3 people to hold down Stuart and do the vile things to him… #Barbarism

  8. The very first thing they should have done was secure scene ?
    The first report on the autopsy said drowned
    So that’s where it all started so who knows what happened Unless someone steps up and comes forward then no one will ever know
    My deepest sympathies to Stuart’s family
    Just hope someone can at least remember cos you shouldn’t be able to live with yourself !

    1. They got their stories straight at least an hour before they rang the ambulance. No doubt they tidied up during that time and mb left. Looks worse that he left. I’m wondering if they contemplated saying something stupid like Michael wasn’t even there but decided that wouldn’t be believable.

  9. Let’s hope that Stuart’s father gets justice for his son and hopefully this can give him closure and peace he so deserves! One can only imagine the hurt and suffering he’s had to endure ! My thoughts and prayers go out to him!

  10. The poor dad needs answers as do the rest of his friends and family. Someone there knows what happened. That poor man had horrendous injuries. About time justice was done.

  11. It’s just amazing that nobody has been arrested and charged. It’s like an Agatha Christie who done it? Obviously everyone was involved in his murder that’s why everyone is covering up for each other.

  12. Why was the first person he rang wasn’t an ambulance it was his manager, then he ran away and hid! It’s all about him and his career = money. He should have been locked up for running away.

    1. He actually ran away first. Merritt called the ambulance when MB was gone. MB called his manager when prompted to do so at a friends flat

  13. “One or more of those eight people at that party are responsible for Stuart’s death” – I don’t think he could have put it any clearer than that.

  14. They drugged him, his drinks were spiked, Barrymore’s ex wife tells all in her book, about Barrymore spiking drinks and food of guests on numerous occasions. She stated that she was scared at how far he would go, her words!.

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