The Man Who Nearly Ruined Susan Boyle’s Career – Michael Barrymore

Before Susan Boyle first appeared on Britain's Got Talent, she was on a Michael Barrymore show called My Kind Of People. On this show Michael Barrymore tried to look under Susan's dress and distract her from singing. The disgusting behaviour went unchecked and even had the audience laughing.

Given the fact that Susan Boyle has Asperger's syndrome (albeit undiagnosed at the time), plus the fact that this was her very first audition for a talent show, the public humiliation she endured could easily have put Susan off from ever performing in front of a live audience again.

But, karma has a funny way of catching up with people.

Michael Barrymore went from being one of the most famous and highly paid British entertainers – friends with Princess Diana – to enduring a series of scandals that would tarnish his reputation forever.

This is the remarkable true story of the fall from grace of Barrymore and how his actions impacted not just on Susan Boyle but also, tragically, many others.

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  1. I think he is a very sick man. It is ashamed that so much of the public could be drawn to a person like him.

    1. How on earth do you come to that conclusion? You can see she’s startled by the way stepping to try to avoid the creep. She bravely was trying to make the best of a bad thing by ‘going along with it’. He is nothing short of disgusting. I’m so glad she had the courage to go on to BGT!

    2. @harriette2000I came to that conclusion because I have seen an interview with Barrymore in which he says she was in on the joke. I don’t like Barrymore though by the way.

  2. Well that was the whole point of the show, people perform and micheal makes fun comedy style, that’s the only reason susan did it, she didn’t do It to become famous, she did it to be on my kind of people, micheal barrymore my kind of people, she knew and everyone knew that is what happend, so how can he ruin her career when in the 1990s it was only about looks not how u sing, susan didn’t have the whole package and would have not sold

  3. Thank you so much for making and airing this , he was a vile specimen of a being never a man , exposing him here to stand in Susan’s corner feels like justice , well done for drawing attention to her strength so we can see her light even stronger : )

  4. His behaviour was disgusting even at his high, he’s a horrible person who should not be given the limelight anymore, hopefully one day the truth will emerge!

  5. I don’t understand why your spouse or partner hitting you is not enough to divorce or leave them NOOOO you have to find out that they are gay to leave. 🙄

  6. He was a fabulous performer and a lovely man. All this claptrap is poison and you should all take a hard look at yourselves. Innocent until proven guilty… and he has never been. So let that be an end to it. As for Susan – who gives a damn. Not me!

  7. This is the clearest example of discrimination, ridicule and lack of respect for a human being, that kind of person that no man deserves to be called to try to trample and humiliate someone as brilliant as Susan and her humility shown in the face of such a vile attack and evil that he did against her. But when God has a plan for you, the evil in the world can’t stop you. Susan is inspiring and has so much to offer

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